This is a conversation between Logic and Death's apprentice.
Death's apprentice: Oh, haven't seen you in a while...
Logic: Since you became death's disciple?
Logic: I TOLD you it was a bad idea.
Death's apprentice: Ehh, I dunno. The time became illusionary for me since then
Death's apprentice: Hey, it's not /that/ bad
Logic: Nobody is going to love you.
Death's apprentice: I can deal with that
Logic: Really?
Logic: Prove it.
Death's apprentice: am I supposed to prove it?
Logic: Just do it.
Logic: Show me you have no love.
Logic: Kill that innocenf kitten.
Death's apprentice: But it's not his time yet
Logic: Kill anyone you used to loveb
Death's apprentice: They are already dead
Logic: Kill yourself.
Death's apprentice: impossible
Death's apprentice: Plus, I don't wanna. I still have job to do
Logic: ...
Logic: I'm outta here.
Logic has left the conversation.
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